Early Norman de Mitton genealogy

The Norman “family de Mitton” early genealogy… 

1. Ralph the Red. Ralph was first Lord of the Manor by charter dated Nov. 23, 1102 and became rector of “Mytton” church in 1103. Ralph was succeeded by his son:

2. Jordan de Mitton married to Wymarka de Elond.  they had four children:

1st son Hugh (b. approx 1190), succeeded his father as Lord of the Manor. He married three times.

  • 1st wife Olive a daughter of Robert de Goosnargh and had one son *Robert who succeeds.
  • 2nd. wife was Richmunda.
  • 3rd. wife was Beatrice Catterall and they had 4 children: Hugh, Bernard, Ralph (Rector) and daughter Hawise, approx 1190s.

2nd son of Jordan was Otto de Mitton (or later aka. de Bailey)  m. ? Clitherow

3rd son Ralph, became rector of Mitton. Avota his daughter married a Catterall of Goosnargh, not far from Mitton.

4.  Robert *(see above) was born around 1220. He married Agnes and they had 4 children: Isabel, Matilda, Avice and Ralph (rector) 1250. Robert granted the advowson (the right to appoint the priest) of Mitton Church to Cockersand Abbey. This later makes for a dispute in 1369 between Thomas Sotheron (who was then Lord of Mitton) and Cockersand Abbey as to was to receive the tithe benefits of the advowson of Mytton from the earlier grant of Robert Mitton. (This dispute may have also been used as a model in J.R.R. Tokiens trilogies. Thomas Sotheron was eventually denied the church advowson by force from later historical accounts. Tokien uses the name Saron as the “bad guy”, which Sotheron certainly was in this dispute over the advowson of  Mitton Church).

5. Ralph or “Radulphus de Mitton” succeeded his father, Robert. He married Margaret around 1241 and had sons: Jordan de Mitton, Ralph, Adam, Nicholas, Hugh, William, and a daughter, Alice.

6. Jordan (who may be the first to use the surname de Mitton in court records) marries Amabilla and they have 3 children: John, Ralph and Henry.

7. Supposedly it the second son Ralph that grants the Manor of Mitton to the Sotherons in circa 1312. Probably due to the death of Henry de Lacy, 3rd Earl of Lincoln death in 1310 without a male heir. The de Mittons cease to be the Lord of Mitton manor from that time.

More likely due to the death of Henry de Lacy and the Mittons were replaced by Thomas Plantegent who installed the Sotherons.

8. John 1293-1315 marries Alice and they have 5 children:  Roger, Hugh, John, Cecillia and Emma.

9. Roger has no issue. Cecilia and Emma grant Aighton, Bailey and Chaingley in 1362 to John de Bailey their cousin and father of Richard de Bailey  hugh-de-mitton-seal who marries Margaret  Shireburne in 1377. Richard is identified as a Chaplain at Bailey Chapel and held a “license to oratory”.

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Shireburnes of Stonyhurst follow:

All surnamed Shireburne`s from Richard b.1381 are descendants of Otto de Mitton (de Bailey) until the death in 1709 of Sir Nicholas Shireburne. His only daughter, the Duchess of Norfolk, Mary Marie Shireburne dies in 1754 without issue. Mary is entombed at Mitton Church in Great Mitton.