Mittons’ “hood” for over 700 years in England.

The map above (click to enlarge) shows Ribchester, the ancient Roman garrison site just to the west of Great Mitton along the Ribble River that also flows through Great Mitton. During the 14th to the 15th centuries many of the de Mittons of Great Mitton migrated to the Craven area of Yorkshire. They stayed in Craven until the immigration of the sons and grandsons of Joseph “Squire” Mitton in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Joseph’s great grandson, John Mitton, later known as “Grover John” Mitton of Howard Town, Kent County, Ontario, Canada was baptized on Aug. 9th, 1818 at the church in the Parish of Horton in Ribblesdale in the county of York. He was taken as an infant by his parents that year to New York, and then carried on to Alborough Township, Canada that same year.
Where did the de Mittons go after their manor loss……. not very far…..

The Mittons stayed in the geographic area (above) not more than a 50 mile radius from Great Mitton for over 700 years until the north American migrations in the late 18th century. They lived near the Ribble River in the Craven area beginning in the 13th century and were farmers for the most part. Many desendent still live in that area to this day.

The Ribble River as seen from Mitton Bridge in Great Mitton.