12th century de Mitton genealogy; (the Coucher Book of Whalley)

The Coucher Book of Whalley written by the 13th century Abbots at Whalley monastery recorded de Mitton genealogy from the early middle- ages (12th century) and has been relied on by this author.

The Reverend George Ackerley’s book The History of the Parrish of Mitton (pub. 1947) has both the early “de Mitton” family and the Shireburne genealogy descendant from Otto de Mitton. I suspect Ackerley relied on records at Stonyhurst and Coucher albeit with some mistakes.

The 1974 genealogy by Daniel Sommerfeldt of York, British Columbia also has a good genealogy back to the late 16th century. That same genealogy of the Craven Mittons can be found at: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/c/u/n/LindaHCunningham/GENE4-0001.html.

The most complete detailed genealogy is The Mittons of Craven by Jack Knowles (1982). It is found at the British Library in London as well as some other British library’s. Knowles claims that his record of descent from Richard Mitton born in 1577 is an authenticated genealogy. In other words the source documentation is taken from the Bishops Rolls transcripts.

The Knowles 1982 genealogy dates from the early 12th century starting with Robert de Lacy through the late 14th.   Knowles research and evidence surmises the de Mittons as scion descendant’s of the de Lacy`s. He then documents the 16th. to 20th century genealogy of those from the Craven area. Jack Knowles research was in England so it included ‘Squire’ Joseph Mitton from Horton – in – Ribbelsdale (1723-92). As such….

Knowles documented  Joseph “Squire” Mitton ties precisely to Edmund Mittons 1906 Canadian hand written genealogy. Edmund documents “Squire” Joseph Mitton sons and grandsons from Horton in Ribbelsdale as well as those who immigrated to Newfoundland and Ontario in the late 18th and early 19th century. The genealogy record was further extended through the US line by Manley H. Mitton. He was Edmund Mittons grandson and wrote and compiled his genealogy based on his grandfathers hand written primary document from 1906. I have added to that to connect the Knowles genealogy of 1982 as well as the Coucher recordings. The relative genealogies are clarified as well with the de Lacy’s as the precursors to the de Mittons, the Baileys and Shireburnes of Stonyhurst Hall.

* First initiated in 1538 the Bishops’ transcripts were copies made from Parish records by the officiating clergyman of births, marriages and deaths that were sent to his bishop. 

Please click book photo for close up magnification of early genealogy

The early Norman de Mitton genealogy is recorded in the Coucher book of Whalley in Vol. lll, page 680 above. This is a transcribed genealogy from the Latin first recorded by the Abbott’s of Whalley Abbey in the 13th century. Many other citing`s regarding the de Lacy,de Mitton de Baileys and Shireburne families are found in these volumes.


Thus the de Mitton to Mitton genealogical documentation comes from authenticate primary sources as well as the Bishops rolls and the early genealogy  documenting by the Whalley Abby monks from the 12th. century.