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John Mitton,aka. “Grover John”., 5th child of Edmund was born June 24, 1818 Horton-in-Ribblesdale d. Jan. 28, 1885, Ridgetown, Canada. m. Jane Spence born. 1824.   Johns and Jane Spences children are Mary Ann born 1845, Edmund D. born.1847, Icedoor born. 1849, Wm. Welbury born 1851, Pamila born 1853, Elizabeth Alice born 1858, Sarah born 1858, Hannah born 1859.      

The family of Edmund Mitton of Yorkshire, England near Horton in Ribblesdale immigrated to Ontario in 1818 after the baptism of John on Aug. 9th. 1818 at St. Oswald’s, Horton

This descendant Mitton family to Ontario Canada settled in Aldborough Township but were not satisfied with that location and joined the group consisting of three Scanes and James Watson on their journey west to Howard Township in Kent County where they finally all became permanent settlers”-Memories of Ridgetown.

The brother of Edmund, James after his first wife died in 1839 remarried Alice Armstrong. Following the birth of their daughter Mary Ann in late 1840, James and his family emigrated to Kent county, Ontario as his brother had before. James family included his children, Jane, John Whaley, Robert and Henry. Robert was 8 years old. A total of four siblings eventually immigrated to Kent County from the Craven area. These early sibling families of Mittons from the Craven area explains why their were so many Mitton in this area by the end of the century. Nicknames became the main way to identify which Mitton you were referring too. James moniker was Blacksmith Jim to distinguish him from the other Mittons in the county.

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This house was that of “Grover John”, son of Edmund pictured above with wife and family. The house was made of brick which was unusual if not expensive for the times. However, it did burn down around 1912. Manley H. Mitton a great, grandson of “Grover John” was taken on a buckboard from Ridgetown as a small boy out to this location to observe the fire that destroyed the old house of “Grover John”.

 Urville Mitton (the authors grandfather) was Edmund of Ribblesdale great grandson. He became a US citizen and eventually settled a hundred years later after his great grandfather “Grover John” 60 miles west of Kent County Ontario in Detroit, Michigan. He was a pharmacist and optometrist and had attended the University of Toronto around the turn of the 20th century. He passed away in 1954 and is buried in Grand lawn cemetery, Detroit Michigan with his wife Margarete Milligan also born in Ontario, Canada.

Edmund D. Mitton son of “Grover John” , Kent County, Ontario br. April 8, 1847 died 1930, Ridgetown Ontario. aka: “Eddie the clerk”. m. Kalista Kitchen. 4 children; Milo Roland br. ? Urville br. 1880, Cecil Norman br. 1881, Hazel, m. Kalista br. 1894.

Edmund D. Mitton and family outside of his house in Ridgetown, Ontario 1897
From left; daughter Hazel, wife Kalista, Edmund D. aka. “Eddie the Clerk”,
sons: Cecil, Urville & Roland.


Authors note: Hazel (above photo in doorway next to her mother), the daughter of Edmund (referenced above) and sister of Urville and great Aunt of the author noted that she was raised on stories about subsequent Mittons that immigrated to Utah where they became Mormons. These may have been the descendent’s of William and his wife Ann Plastard who would have been her Uncle and Aunt as well as to my grandfather Urville. This has not been substantiated except their are Mitton family members today living in Utah that are of the same descendent’s bloodlines of the Mittons of Craven in Lancashire.


The Mitton family in 1928 including my grandfather Urville, standing to right next to his father Edmund. Hazel daughter to the left of her father.

Manley H. Mittons genealogy tree of the Canadian Mittons descendants of Joesph “Squire” Mitton of Horton in Ribblesdale 1723-92 buried at St. Oswald’s, Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Yorkshire England.

Mitton Can. Gen.