Kent County Ontario line began here:

Horton-in-Ribblesdale Yorkshire, above and below, where John Mitton (Grover John) was born and baptized in 1818. He immigrated that same year as an infant with his parents, Edmund and Mary (Stott) to Alborough Township in Kent County, Ontario Canada.

Edmund Mitton br. 1789-, Hubberholme, Yorkshire d.1853, Kent County Ontario married Mary Stott, br.1790, Hubberholme d.1849 Kent County, Ont. Emigrated to Canada 1818. Children; Jane br. 1810, Ann br.1812, Robert br. 1814, Mary br. 1816, John br. 1818 Horton, Edmund br. 1821 Kent County, William br. 1823 d.1914, James br. 1825, died 1914.

Ribblesdale today. The Craven Mittons did not migrate far from their first ancestral 11th century location of now Great Mitton. They never ventured much more than 50 miles in over 700 years from around the14th century until their late 18th and early 19th century migrations to Canada.

Two brothers of Edmund followed him to Canada. Edmund was married to Mary Stott.  Joseph, Edmund’s older brother was married to the other Stott sister. Two Stott sisters had married the two Mitton brothers. Perhaps a reason for their immigration to join their respective siblings in Canada. Another brother that came was James. He also settled in Kent County much after Edmund’s arrival. Thus three brothers emigrated in the same generation which accounts for so many Mittons in Kent County by the end of that century.