The Mittons of Craven as documented by Jack Knowles 1982

Forward (by Knowles),

“The information in this genealogy was gathered gradually from consultation with my mother and various of the Wharfedale relative, and from memorial cards and gravestone inscriptions. During the 1960s I was provided with many details of the family from the 16C onwards by a Mr. Webster of Leeds who was researching on behalf of the London genealogist Mr. Alexander W. D. Mitton, and of the 12-14C by Mr. Welbury M. Mitton of Matlock who supplied interalia the details from Stonyhurst. I am very grateful to these gentleman”.

“As I have not personally examined the various parish registers, wills, censuses and other records referred to, I cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies of omissions. I hope, however, that these details will provide researchers with a starting point for more detailed tracing of particular branches of the Mitton family”.

The above is from Knowles 1982 genealogy showing approx. 10 de Mitton generations ending in the 1370s. Knowles research references the early recording from the Coucher book of Whalley including the de Lacy family of the Conquest. It includes the Craven Mittons beginning with the Bishops rolls in the 16th century. He also adds 20th century Mittons living in the Craven area of England to 1982 as well.

Knowles is an exhaustive genealogy found at the British and Clitheroe Libraries. The de Bailey-Shireburne descendant scion line of de Mittons can be found on the Coucher genealogies. Knowles does not include the North American Mittons as he was a decendent Mitton living in England and had no awareness of them..

Manley Mittons (circa 1970s) research trace`s those Canadian Mittons back to Squier Joseph Mitton br. 1723-d. 1792 buried at St. Oswald in Horton in Ribblesdale (his son Edwards tomestone has been found there). This identiy is based on the primary document of Manley H. Mittons grandfather, Edmound Mitton (handwritten in 1906) and referenced under this drop down heading “Mittons on the move to Canada”.

Knowles research document also records the same Squire Joesph Mitton of Craven that Edmund Mitton cites in his 1906 memo. Even though these genealogies were researched separately, one in England from 1982 and Manley H. Mittons Canadian ancestry first referenced by his grandfather in 1906 and updated during the 1970`s. Manley Mittons had additional 18th, 19th and 20th. century North American Mittons. The two genealogies each connect and tie with Knowles 1982 research document thru the axiom ancestry of Squire Joseph Mitton of Horton in Ribblesdale 1723-94. A eurika moment when the author researched the Knowles document in the British library and found Knowles document listed Squier Joeseph Mitton.